"Nine Heroes" Now Available in Paperback and Kindle

I am reaching the end of my responsibilities with the Heroic Fantasy compilation project I've been working on for the last couple months.  "Nine Heroes" is currently available both in a print and kindle version.  Remember that the proceeds from the sale of this novel will go to promote the Heroic Fantasy Facebook group, which will allow us to bring more attention to deserving upcoming writers.

This has been a fun project and a great learning experience.  I'm very happy with the quality of each and every story contained in this volume (and I'm looking forward to reading some reviews).  All of the authors who have participated have other works available.  I'd like to mention each author in turn and provide a link to one of their recent releases.

Janet Morris and Chris Morris
The Sacred Band

Walter Rhein

Jesse Duckworth
Song of Betrayal

Douglas R. Brown
The Rise of Cridon
Tom Barczak
Shane Porteous
A.L. Butcher
Teel James Glenn
R.A. McCandless
Other Contributors:

Cas Peace
Jason Pedersen
Cover Artist

That's everyone I believe.  Thanks for having a look at this book, please spread the word by liking, sharing, tweeting, etc., this page.  Also, please pick up a copy of "Nine Heroes" and post a review on Amazon.com.  If you are interested in receiving a review copy, you may write me at: walterrhein@gmail.com.  Please include:

  • links to previous reviews
  • link to web page
Be sure to tell your friends about "Nine Heroes!"  It's a great way to meet some quality fantasy authors.  You won't regret it!